Semester 1, 2017

Employment Law - H1 Exam Notes

222 pages

98,169 words




Includes detailed notes for 12 weeks of teaching material, covering lecture notes, prescribed readings (cases, articles, textbook, research). Contains hypothetical questions and answers. Provides step-by-step approach to how to respond to certain hypothetical issues.

Covers the following topics:
1) Introduction to employment law
2) Forms of employment
3) Intro to the Fair Work Act, and constitutional issues
4) Minimum standards under the FW Act (NES)
5) Enterprise Agreements
6) Trade unions and industrial action
7) Common law contract of employment
8) 7-Eleven case study - Enforcement under the FW Act
9) Discrimination and harassment - Equal Opportunity Act
10) Termination of employment, redundancy and unfair dismissal
11) Insecure work




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