Trimester 1, 2016

Property Law I - easy reference reading and lecture notes LAW281

123 pages

46,495 words




Subject completed in 2016.

Thorough reading notes with quick-reference contents, clear titles, page references, case references.

All weeks and topics in LAW281 are covered except native title which was an optional question on exam.

Prescribed readings:
Peter Butt, Land Law (Thompson Reuters, 6th ed, 2009); and
PROPL47 (LexisNexis 2014) package includes: Hepburn, S., Australian Property Law – Cases, Materials and Analysis (LexisNexis Butterworths, 3rd ed., 2014) (ISBN 9780409337150) and
Jackman, B. and Werren, K., Property Law, (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2nd ed., 2014)
(ISBN 9780409337990).

Topics covered:
1 The concept of property - yes
2 Personal property: acquisition, alienation and possession - yes
3 Personal property: title bailment, proprietary remedies & personal properties securities - yes
4 The limits of land and fixtures - yes
5 Tenure, estates, future interests and the rule against perpetuities - only lecture notes not readings
6 Possession of land - lecture notes only
7 Native title - no notes