Semester 2, 2015

Administrative Law Flowcharts

4 pages

3,430 words




Comprehensive flowcharts for Commonwealth Judicial Review, Commonwealth Merits Review, State Judicial Review and State Merits Review.

Each flowchart steps through everything from the Decision, to Grounds of Review, Remedies and everything in between, all set out in one easy to navigate, flowchart that can be printed on one (rather large) page, so you're not stuck trying to flip through pages and pages of grounds of review in the exam. Judicial Review flowcharts are also colour coded for each separate step.

These flowcharts go into a decent amount of detail and will help ensure that you don't miss on any steps, options or tests in the exam, but they won't teach you the course. They are, however, a huge help in the exam, and I did my entire exam just using the flowcharts and didn't have to look at my notes once.


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