Semester 2, 2017

HD (98) PHYS130: Foundations Of Physics Comprehensive Notes

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Hello there!

This is a comprehensive summation of PHYS130, written by a student who achieved a High Distinction (98) in the course. These notes have been revised after the final exam, so all assessable content is included. With exclusion of weeks 7 & 8 (group assignment weeks), the following content is covered:

- Lecture notes are summarised and simplified for ease of memorising. All worked solutions to lecture questions have also been provided.
- Weekly textbook readings (from Halliday & Resnick textbook) have also been summarised.
- All additional readings from khanacademy have also been incorporated.
- Self-drawn colour-coded diagrams have also been included to simply difficult concepts.

TIP: If you simply read these notes and diligently complete your tutorials, there is no need to even purchase the textbook or reread the lectures. All the assessable theory is conveniently summarised here :)

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