Semester 2, 2017

PSYC 3082: Book notes + lecture notes I got a 7 in this course including 71/80 in the mid-sem exam (the average was 50.81)

110 pages

52,736 words




This is a compilation of notes taken from the required readings (textbook chapters and journals) and lectures.

The library only has one copy of the required textbook (the professor preferred you to read the 10th edition of the textbook which is slightly different from the 9th edition and might have less second hand copies available) so if you don't want to read the required readings or are unable to get the required textbook, this note will definitely save your life!

I got 17/20 in the final online quiz and 71/80 in the mid-sem exam (the average was 50.81) simply by referring to this note.

This note will also be helpful in writing the case study assignment which was not an easy assessment piece but I got 33/36 (the was 25.8)