Semester 2, 2016

Comprehensive IFA2 notes (85)

68 pages

89,543 words




Notes are easy to study and contains tips for mid-sem and exam.

They include everything you need to know for the exam and step by step journal entries for complete understanding. Highly recommend studying each topic individually then attempting questions as questions in exams are usually focused on topics in isolation.

Tip, lecture 1 is not necessary for final exam - you don't have to remember the conceptual framework etc.

Good luck and all the best!

Lecture 2: Asset Acquisitions
Lecture 3: Measurement of PPE after acquisition
Lecture 4: Accounting for Income Taxes
Lecture 5: Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions
Lecture 6a: Accounting for Lease Transactions (Lessee perspective only)
Lecture 6b: The New Revenue Standard
Lecture 7: Consolidations – Introduction
Lecture 8: Consolidations – Inventory and depreciable assets