Semester 2, 2015

LLAW2224 Corporate Law 1 - Exam Notes (Grade: 82)

38 pages

18,870 words




I am selling exam notes for LLAW2224 Corporate Law 1. The notes can be used for all students studying Corporate Law in Australia. All important cases and legislative sections are listed and referenced throughout. All textbook references are to Understanding Company Law i.e. UCL - the primary textbook required for the topic at Flinders University.

If you are a student at Flinders University, the notes will be of utmost benefit to you. The notes are succinct, comprehensive and detailed to cover the entirety of the examinable topics of Corporate Law 1 at Flinders University. You will not have to rush your way through hundreds of pages - the notes are very succinct.

I completed the topic in Semester 2, 2015, receiving a final grade of distinction. I obtained a grade of 82 on the exam using these notes.

Topics include:
- Companies
- Promotors and Pre-registration Contracts
- Constitution and Replacable Rules
- Membership and Members Meetings
- Relations with Outsiders (Corporate Contracting)
- Relations with Outsiders (Liability for Wrongs)
- Share Capital and Dividends