Semester 1, 2017

Revenue Law FINAL EXAM Notes

18 pages

8,793 words




If you're taking this unit, you know how content heavy it is. Here you'll find condensed, comprehensive notes for the final exam. These notes include all the relevant principles and their corresponding authorities.

Don't be fooled by the short number of pages - the font is small so that as much information as practicable fits on a page so that there's less flicking in an exam. As you can see by the contents page and the sample I've provided, each topic is distilled to 1-3 pages depending on the detail required. These notes are ideal for dealing with problem questions once you're familiar with the concepts and cases (if you need this foundation, I recommend having at look at my WEEKLY notes instead or as well - case summaries are there).

I received a Distinction for this unit, so these notes should serve you well. I do hope you enjoy using them - I poured blood, sweat and tears into creating these notes and hope you put them to good use!