Semester 2, 2015

Complete Notes

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Lecture Notes (in red and very important) + Textbook notes (in black or blue)

Personal Record:
HD for Mid-sem
HD for Finals
Upper Distinction for case-note (which is research and nothing to do with my notes, no one got HD for that anyway)

Friends' record with my notes:
4 got a final score of 80+ in this course;

If you don't get a distinction with my notes it just means you did not read my notes properly.

Topics included in the notes:
PART 1: personal bankruptcy
1. Introduction and history of bankruptcy (not relevant for exam, but this is the complete notes)
2. Voluntary bankruptcy (sample starts here)
3. Compulsory bankruptcy
4. Recovery of assets
5. Voidable Transactions
6. Recovery of Superannuation contributions
7. Administration of bankruptcy estate
8. Personal insolvency agreement
9. Debt agreements
10. Distribution of estate
11. Annulment
PART 2: corporate insolvency
12. Receivership
13. Voluntary Administration
14. Deed of company arrangement/scheme of arrangement
15. Liquidation
16. Provisional Liquidation
17. Administration of Liquidation
18. Effect of winding up
19. Assets of company
20. Voidable transactions
21. Cross-border insolvency




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