Semester 2, 2016

CHEM 1021 notes on Inorganic lectures - HD mark 92

68 pages

10,946 words




These are the notes that got me a mark of 92 in Chemistry. Based on the inorganic component of the course.

Topics covered:
Periodicity and patterns in the main group elements. Bonding and binary compounds: ionic,
molecular and covalent non-molecular. Hydrogen and its uses and binary hydrogen compounds
including ammonia and the nitrogen cycle. Bonding of beryllium and boron binary hydrogen
compounds. Oxygen and its binary compounds. Oxoacids, oxoanions Oxygen cycle.
Phosphates, sulfates and halogen oxoacids. Halogens and binary halides. The transition metals:
What are they? Why are they different? What are their uses? Where do they come from? Metal
oxidation states, d-electron configurations. Coordination complexes, colour, ligands; coordination
geometries and isomerism. Thermodynamics of complex formation, chelate effect, EDTA and
biological complexes using multidentate ligands. Introduction to bioinorganic chemistry