Semester 1, 2017

Comprehensive Foundations of Property Law Notes + Flowcharts

104 pages

30,121 words




These notes contain everything you need to get through any Foundations of Property Law exam or assignment, covering key land law concepts, acquisition of goods, transfer of title, bailment and the PPSA extensively.

Collaborating lecture and textbook information, these notes are extremely comprehensive. No further Property Law information is required beyond what is compiled within these 88 pages, making these notes ideal for maximizing your mark, without wasting tens of hours constructing notes.

My friend and I constructed these notes with the intention of selling them - they are easy to navigate and understand for anyone. She received a score of 81 and I received a score of 80.

In the preview notes I have made topic 6 notes visible, alongside the problem solving flow chart at the bottom.
In the actual notes, when downloaded, a separate 15 page flow chart document has been attached to the end of the 88 pages of notes. I would recommend printing these two documents separately, and using the flow charts as the first point of reference, then delving into the notes for further information when required.




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