Semester 2, 2016

Useful statistical methods and concepts poster

2 pages

3,037 words




This is a poster and a formula sheet I created as part of my exam preparation for MATH1041, entirely from scratch. The poster covers in summary form most material required for calculations in that course, and is a useful reference. The formula sheet covers the first part of the course in more detail, still in summary format. Both are high quality PDFs.

My MATH1041 mark: 95

Material summarised in poster:
- Normal distribution
- t-distribution
- Chi-square distribution
- Hypothesis tests
- Central limit theorem
- z-test for population mean
- One-sample test for proportions
- One-sample t-test for mu
- Two-sample t-test for mu1-mu2 (difference of means)
- Chi-square test for categorical data
- Linear regression
- Inference for linear regression
- Assumptions of the linear model
- Linear regression and inference in RStudio
- Brief RStudio notes throughout

Material in formula sheet:
- useful graphs and numbers
- mean, median, standard deviation
- box plots
- Linear and nonlinear transformations
- Correlation
- Least squares regression
- Experimental design
- Sampling designs
- Probability
- Binomial distributions
- Mean and variance of random variable
- Normal distribution
- Sampling distribution of statistic
- Approximating binomial by normal