Semester 1, 2017

Cheat Sheet for FINALS (Condensed Textbook and Lecture Notes)

2 pages

4,854 words




We were allowed to bring in 1 handwritten or typed 2 sided A4 paper into the mid semester and final exam.

I condensed the lecture notes (after listening to them at least twice) and the tutorial notes to fit on to 1 size of the A4 page to bring into the final exam.

Did not include calc work but assumptions, formulas, key points etc. Took me several days.

NOTE: Only included topics that were relevant and were being tested to make the best use of space.

I also did an A4 page with the calc from tutorials to fit on the other side which I will sell seperately. Also, a mid semester one to also sell seperately.

Note: cheat sheet is only 1 page, 2nd page is blank




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