Semester 1, 2017

Physics 1 Fundamentals Complete H1 Lecture Summary Notes

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I achieved a H1 (91) using these summary notes from the lecture slides. Often there is plenty of useless information during the lectures, and it is hard to know what you need to study. These notes will tell you exactly what you need to know and would be helpful to use to sort out the important stuff from the rest.

Also, they are simplified, easy-to-understand notes with all key definitions and formulas. Have fun!

Topic 1 - Kinematics
Lecture 1: Displacement and Velocity
Lecture 2: Acceleration
Lecture 3: Constant Acceleration Formulas and Vectors
Lecture 4: Vectors
Lecture 5: 2D Kinematics
Lecture 6: Circular Motion
Lecture 7: Newton’s Laws of Motion and Forces
Lecture 8: Springs
Lecture 9: Equilibrium and Friction
Lecture 10: Drag and Apparent Weight
Lecture 11: Gravity
Lecture 12: Rotational Motion
Lecture 13: Freefall Paradox
Lecture 14: Static Equilibrium for Rotation
Lecture 15: Angular Momentum and Collisions
Lecture 16: Linear Momentum
Lecture 17: Energy
Lecture 18: Spring Energy

Topic 2 – SHM, Waves, Light, X-rays
Lecture 19: Simple Harmonic Motion
Lecture 20: Circular Motion & SHM, Energy & SHM
Lecture 21: Penduli, Damped and Forced Oscillations
Lecture 22: Waves
Lecture 23: Doppler Effect and Supersonic Travel
Lecture 24: Standing Waves and Beats
Lecture 25: Light as Rays and Reflections
Lecture 26: Total Internal Reflection and Thin Lenses
Lecture 27: Thin Lens Equation & Mirrors
Lecture 28: Interference
Lecture 29: Camera, Eye & Microscopes
Lecture 30: Optical Instruments
Lecture 31: X-Rays




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