Semester 2, 2016

BABS1202 notes part 2

25 pages

5,679 words




BABS 1202 notes from UNSW BABS prize winner: 2016 Prize - The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science Prize in Level 1 BABS for the best performance level 1 BABS courses

These notes cover the following topics:

Review of gene expression and control:
[this section only covers new content in BABS1202. The bulk of introductory material on this topic can be found in my notes on gene expression from BABS1201]

- Control of gene expression
- Control in eukaryotic cells
- Initiation of transcription in eukaryotes
- Distal enhancers
- Splicing of exons

Genetic modification
- Definitions
- Mutations
- Base substitution mutations
- Inherited mutations: example
- Genotype to phenotype
- Conventional genetics vs recombinant technology

Recombinant technology I
- Recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering
- Overview of the techniques to clone a gene
- Some clever gene-manipulating techniques
- Cutting DNA into pieces and putting it together – restriction enzymes and ligase
- Cloning DNA – vectors
- Expressing the gene – hosts
- Calcium chloride transformation
- Electroporation
- Selecting for bacteria which have taken up the plasmid

Recombinant technology II:
- Practical issues with previously described techniques
- cDNA
- Microarrays
- Finding the gene
- The process in the lab

The endosymbiotic theory
The Winogradsky column

Material on Bioinformatics (essay form)