Semester 1, 2017


53 pages

30,391 words




Structured exam notes clearly set out for ease of use during exams. Clearly formatted with headings, bold/underlined text to ensure quick reading.

My first task during SWOTVAC is always to go through the entire semester in lecture notes and slides and create these master notes that are formatted and easy to read - removing unnecessary information.

Cases set out in text boxes throughout the notes to ensure they are easy to see.

Other case and legislation references in red to ensure authority can be given during exam answers.

States clearly legal principles and judgements, and are well organised to ensure easy use.

The notes cover topics 1-10 from LAW4331 at Monash with Maria O'Sullivan in Sem 1 2017. I have not received a mark yet, but am ordinarily a HD/D student.

1: Introduction
2: Jurisdiction
3: Standing
4: Reasons
5: UV Grounds
6: Natural Justice
7: Jurisdictional Error
8: Remedies
9: Privative Clauses
10: Merits Review and AAT

** Please note - under Topic 7, error of law on the face of the record is not included as this was not examinable. **