Semester 1, 2015

PHAR1101 Summary

18 pages

4,026 words




• The history of pharmacy.
• The Australian healthcare system, including cultural awareness and Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander health care.
• The National Medicines Policy and professional standards; Quality assurance in Pharmacy Practice.
• Drug distribution and drug manufacture in Australia including the concepts of quality control and standards.
• Pharmaceutical products and the common dosage forms and routes of administration.
• Rights, roles and responsibilities of pharmacists.
• Pharmaceutical calculations and extemporaneous dispensing techniques.
• The Codes of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice.
• The drug evaluation process and the Therapeutic Goods Act.
• The Pharmacy Act and Regulations, the Poisons Act and Regulations and the National Health Act and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
• Introduction to professionalism and professional standards.
• Introduction to ethics in clinical practice and research.
• The requirements for effective communication and influencing factors.
• The concept of Public Health and the role of the pharmacist.
• Pharmaceutical service delivery into Rural and Remote locations within Australia.
• Introduction to veterinarian medicine.




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