Semester 2, 2014

Excellent MKTG203 Notes

18 pages

5,000 words




Will help greatly with the final exam!

Final exam is of 4 essays - These study notes compress each topics to points to be used for specific essays. E.g. Topic 1 = Consumer Behaviour, Topic 4 = Personality and Self Concept. Definitions, descriptions, pictures - everything needed for a distinction and above for this course included.

Will also help with the weekly homework as it provides examples to be used for those specific questions.

In terms of the exam, these notes provide examples for each topic and the theory which relates to them.

Formatting - Use of bold to accentuate the important points, use of headings and colours for help with differentiation of points - E.g. Each differing chapter has a different colour which helps greatly with the retention of the specific chapter and it's specific points. Furthermore, the examples chosen tend to carry on the same colour theme which also helps greatly in remembering which product example goes with which theory.




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