Semester 2, 2016

Detailed, step by step torts 2016 notes - these contain all the authorities and cases. 84 in subject. Cheat sheets included.

135 pages

67,220 words




These were my exam notes for torts for the second semester of 2017. They're thorough, well formatted and are set out all the 'steps' required to establish each element of negligence/exam topic. The larger topics have 1-2 page cheat sheets at the front. I found that this was a really good way of jogging my memory if I ever got stuck. There would be NO NEED to add to these notes - I used the prescribed textbook, and included every relevant case/piece of legislation known to man. These notes includes the changes that occurred at the end of 2016 - i.e landmark case regarding vicarious liability and/or non delegable duties between students and teachers. ***NOTE***: all topics are in here, I just gave a little snapshot in the preview.- so, it looks like heaps of topics are excluded, but they're not.