Semester 2, 2016

Corporate Law Notes

174 pages

60,000 words



The crème de la crème of Corporate Law Notes

Corporate Law seems like a tough subject, but its perfectly manageable with the right set of notes.

You ultimately want something that can GUIDE you through each topic.

These notes are not only a snapshot of the course and all the main topics examinable, but summarise what is most important from the lectures and tutorials. Only the most important and examinable cases are summarised, making the course easier to understand!

The topics are colour coded. Legislation is colour-coded. Cases are colour coded.

These notes are ideal for the tough end of year exam. When in the exam and once you have identified which topic/area to consider, students can flick to that area within the notes and simply follow page by page what to write in the exam verbatim to pass. Each section is structured in order so that in the exam the student simply needs to follow each subtopic within that topic in order to cover all grounds




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