Semester 1, 2015

BIOL3090 Molecular Biology Summary notes Non-Eukaryotes (Pete's lectures)

59 pages

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A lecture by lecture summary of the topics covered in the first half of the BIOL3090 Molecular Biology course covering non-eukaryotes (Pete's lectures). The lecture slides for these lectures were extremely light on detail, so presented here are notes taken from the textbook and other resources. Easy to read dot point format. Topics covered include:
1. DNA Replication
2. RNA Polymerase and Transcription (in Prokaryotes)
3. Molecular Switches The lac Operon Paradigm
4. Post-Initiation Transcription Control Attenuation
5. Molecular Switches Lysis vs Lysogeny
6. Antitermination
7. Robosome Structure
8. Translation Initiation
9. Translation Elongation and Termination
10. Signal Transduction