Semester 2, 2015

1-WEEK DISTINCTION (D) CRAM PSYC1002 NOTES (Lectures + some PsykTrek notes)

57 pages

16,332 words




**DISCLAIMER!! Cram at your own risk.

This is a full compilation of psyc1002 lecture summaries + *some* notes I took from the Psyktrek 3.0 program for the ONE WEEK during sem 2, 2015 stuvac which ultimately landed me a solid distinction.

I skipped nearly all lectures during semester and only attended 2 tutorials (intro + assignment tutes). I certainly do not recommend it but if you’re like me, fear not as you (probably) still have time to cram.

• Comprehensive lecture summaries
• Additional notes from Psyktrek deemed important (through first half of lecture notes, ran out of time for the latter half but eh, I turned out alright)
• Beautifully-organised, if I may say so myself. Structured notes including headings, subheadings and table of contents

Good Luck!

[N.B. These notes do not guarantee a distinction, but are merely what I studied in a week to obtain said mark. Different results may be produced depending on the individual, etc.]