1 year ago

6 December, 2016

Watt Space Gallery

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

A guest panel of artists discuss their work and the artistic process in a gallery setting.

After a semester of philosophising about Aesthetics and Art, we thought we'd better get out and get amongst it in an actual gallery, to see some art in the wild and find out what it means to create art from artists themselves.

How do artists find inspiration? Does the art happen in their mind; in the studio; in the gallery or elsewhere? What routines keep them productive? When does creative work count as art? Who gets to decide whether art is good; bad; appropriate; meaningful? When does an artist become an artist? What responsibilities might they have to their audience? When do they risk "selling out"? Does censorship ever have a place, or should artists be free to express themselves no matter what?

Let's ask!

We'll be joined by a guest panel of four artists and taking questions from the audience. We'll also have plenty of time to mingle around the gallery to enjoy the artworks on display.

Drinks and nibblies provided.

Free to members. Join on the night for $2.