1 year ago

6 September, 2016

Wake Up

Organised by:
Wake Up! Global Health Group

The recently leaked Nauru Files is the latest damning reminder of Australia’s treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum. The accounts of sexual and physical abuse, particularly against children and women, as well as the overwhelming mental health issues that are endemic in offshore detention constitute a significant health concern. As future healthcare workers, we are responsible for advocating for far better treatment for vulnerable people in Australia’s care.

This week, we are calling every MP in the country, voicing our strong opposition to Australia’s policies of offshore detention and calling for the closure of Manus and Nauru. You don't have to be experienced in ringing politicians, just passionate.


A MP list is in the below google drive link.

Post below which MP/ Senator you are planning to call so we can tick them off the list - and let us know the outcome of the call. (ie left message, spoke to them, arranged a meeting, what they said etc)

Also, write your name and uni straight in the google doc (click open with - google sheets)

We only need one student to call each MP/ Senator so anyone who's voting electorate is outside of Newcastle will be very much needed as we already have a student allocated to call the Newcastle MP (Thanks Nas :).

A talking points document is in the google drive below so don't be nervous, you don't need to know everything, just be passionate and willing to help us make a difference!