1 year ago

14 September, 2016

Godfrey Tanner Bar

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

UoN Philosophy Society invites you to attend our second major event of semester two, The Aesthetics of Music.

WHAT: A guided discussion forming part of our series on aesthetics
WHEN: Wednesday 14 September, 5:00-9:00pm
WHERE: Derkenne Courtyard/Godfrey Tanner Bar, Callaghan, University of Newcastle

For many of us, music is a significant part of our lives which brings us great joy, yet how often do we stop and think of it in philosophical terms? Do we face particular challenges, for instance, in interpreting music, given its abstract nature? Taste in music varies considerably, but does it follow from this that we cannot legitimately critique other people’s favourite songs? To what extent does a piece of music’s compositional structure affect our experience of it? Is there a theory of musical understanding which will enable us to make sense of all of this?

The event will begin in Derkenne Courtyard before moving into the GT Bar later in the evening. We will be utilising a mixed format for this event, with the first half being the normal sort of guided discussion, facilitated by a presenter. In the second half, however, the plan is to have more of a round table setup where members will be encouraged to share their own insights, illustrating their points with musical samples which we can play easily on our laptops and phones.

Our discussion will centre on music but there’s no assumed knowledge and you don’t have to have studied philosophy to participate. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to chat with members about other topics during the dinner break. Food is free for members (you can join on the night for $2) and there are vegan and gluten-free options available.

See you there!