1 year ago

3 September, 2016

Swansea Bridge, NSW

Organised by:
Diving and Exploration Society

Come join us at Swansea for a day of fun and waggly tails!

We will set up the club gazebo and BBQ at Black Neds Bay.
Bring your dogs (on leash) to add to the fun, because who doesn't love dogs?

The Plan:
10:30am: Meet at Swansea RSL Car Park and play with dogs!
12:10pm: High Tide! (time to dive)
01:00pm: BBQ

Some things you need to know:
1) There are no dive guides. Dive in your own buddy pairs.
2) If you bring your dog and plan to dive, you will need to organise for someone to be responsible for your dog.
3) Hire gear at normal gear store times (5:30pm-6:30pm Tues, 4:00pm-5:00pm Fri).
4) Return gear within 7 days cleaned and with a full cylinder.
5) Transport needs to be self-organised.
6) Open to 2016 NUDES Members only.
7) Have fun! :)