1 year ago

7 October, 2016


Organised by:
Law Students Association

Over the past decade the number of women graduating from law school and practicing law has grown enormously in most industrialised, western societies.

In the past, women have been concentrated in low paying, less prestigious employment settings with less opportunities, but the times have changed. Now, is the time.

What is a woman’s voice in law? The entry of women into the legal profession has not only changed the stance of women in society but also the legal profession with the increased presence of women.

Sparke Helmore Lawyers and the UNLSA are proud to present the 2016 Women in Law Breakfast, celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of women in the legal profession. The event will be held at the Merewether Surfhouse on 7 October at 7:30am. Tea and coffee will be available from 7:00am.

Tickets must be purchased before 29/9/16

For more information please email our Director of Social Justice (Equity and Diversity), Mary-Ann Wen (socialjustice@unlsa.com).