1 year ago

14 September, 2016

Queens Wharf Hotel

Organised by:
Affordable Wine Appreciation Society

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Goonion, Friends and students, you and your significant other are hereby cordially invited to the Ninth Annual Goonion Prom.

Every Year The University of Newcastle University Affordable Wine Appreciation Society celebrates the year with a formal gathering. Much like a year 12 formal or leavers event from those long lost school days, only much, much better (because there’s no over-bearing teachers to cramp your style).

This year we’ll be partying the night away at the Queens Wharf Brewery meaning those who have no fear of turning into a pumpkin can party into the early hours of the morning. A live band will be playing all your favourites and our usual mini events such as the slave auction will add to the festivities (with fundraising proceeds going to beyond blue).

For Goonion members, we’ll be offering subsidised drinks so you can responsibly enjoy without such an impact on your wallet.

Tickets can be purchased in advance so you don’t miss out. $6 or partner up with a friend for $10.

We'll have some more details coming soon including an exciting theme.

So please join us for what will surely be a magical evening and help us celebrate the year gone by.

Gossip Goon