1 year ago

14 August, 2016

King Edward Park

Organised by:
Snow Sports Club

Ohhhh Doctor!! Yes folks, that eagerly awaited day has finally arrived!

The Newcastle University Snow Sports Club's annual King Ed Rail Jam!

For those unaware of the what exactly a rail jam entails, the recipe it is simple.
Talented NU-SS chefs take;
-1 dump truck of snow (real)
-2 rails
-10-15 riders willing to put life and limb on the line for your entertainment
Mix ingredients in King Ed Park and season heavily with a few of Newcastles finest button pushers Gilies and The Iron Giant and allow to simmer in a rich stock of cold tins and hot sausages. Mixture sets into an exquiste dish, packed with enough excitment, laughs and, yes tears to satisfy any cultural palate.

Alternatively have a gander at last years rail jam album for a slice of the mayhem.

There is no charge for this spectacle of spectacles so come down to 'ohhh' and 'ahhh' at Newcastles finest riders, and lets be frank, laugh at the less than fine ones (myself included).

If you are keen to ride in the event shoot us a msg and bring your gear on the day. Riders will be battling it out for an array of prizes including NU-SS merch and a Finnegans Drink card amongst other things. A consolation prize will also go to the most entertaining rider/best stack, so don't be afraid to get involved if you're a little rusty, NU-SS is home to just as many beloved kooks as it is quality riders so get involved.

Aunty NU-SS