2 years ago

2 March, 2016

The Forum, Newcastle University Sport

Organised by:
Diving and Exploration Society

Okay guys we're holding a free try dive for anyone who's interested in SCUBA diving and whoever is unsure of actually taking part.

The event has the capacity for roughly 25 people so if you're coming please do turn up and don't waste the chance for other people to come, if there a lot of people who turn up it'll basically be a first come first serve idea. If it is that busy we can organise another event.

The event is being ran jointly by N.U.D.E.S and TECDivers - more specifically Chris Darby from TECDivers.

If you guys want any more info don't hesitate to contact either us from NUDES at dive@nudes.org.au or Chris at Chris@tecdivers.com.au

The location is at the Forum Swimming Pool, Deep Lanes 1 and 2.