2 years ago

22 April, 2016

Bar on the Hill

Organised by:
Affordable Wine Appreciation Society

The Queen's long weekend, Christmas, that one time uncle Gazza passed out in the punchbowl at your dad's 50th. What do all these things have in common? I bet you already know, they're birthday celebrations. However, I bet you didn't know that the largest birthday bash in the world* is held right here on campus and you're all invited. The Goonion would love to welcome you to our Big Birthday Bash, Goondependence Day.

We're turning 9 this year, and so it only seems proper that we include all the staples of a child's birthday party. There'll be limbo, a JUMPING CASTLE, giant twister, an endurance dance competition, pinatas and, our personal favourite, SLIPPERY FUN BALLS!

As it's our birthday we're waving the cover fee at the door for our members. However, don't fret if you're not a member yet. Entry is only $2, or for the measly sum of $5 at the door, you too can enjoy all the benefits of Goonion Membership with no added entry fee.

So come on down and enjoy a child's birthday party the way it was always supposed to be enjoyed; at a bar full of attractive uni students and alcohol.

*Slight hyperbole may have been employed