2 years ago

28 October, 2015

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Organised by:
Cancer Council and Students' Alliance

After the success of another Cancer Council and Student Alliance year on campus, we would like to formally invite everyone who volunteered throughout 2015, whether it was helping out during O-Week stalls or more recently Daffodil Day, to come along and be formally acknowledged for your contributions.

Time: 2:00 - 2:45 PM
Date: 28/10/2015
Location: Clubs and Societies Room (Under Bar on the Hill)

At the upcoming AGM, we will recap the success of our on- and off-campus events, along with announcing what we anticipate the next year will bring.

As a few of our members are finishing up their degrees, we will be announcing our new Executive Committee for 2016. If you are keen to get involved, send an email to secretary@ccandsa.com and we will provide you with more information about what positions are available and what is expected of you.

Volunteering as an exec for not only a university club, but also a non-profit that is affiliated with CCNSW, is a great way to have practical experience that will be sure to impress future employees. Not to mention the social aspect of coming together with people studying in different areas, and having fun.

It doesn't matter what you study, there are positions available that anyone can do if they are willing enough to get involved. Every hour you volunteer for CCandSA is formally recognised by CCNSW, and as an executive member you will also get the chance to represent the club at their events throughout the year.

Cancer Council and Student Alliance, only in its second year, has already exceeded its expectations as what it can do - this year we have managed to successfully hold not just one major event, but our upcoming PINK Night Out will be our second social event for 2015. Make sure you grab a ticket to see the hard work we put in, all of us volunteering our time to put these things together for you, all in aim to support the fight against cancer.

Coming along to our AGM will show your continued support for CCandSA and CCNSW, and sharing ideas of how we can improve our presence on campus in the years to come is highly encouraged.

CCandSA hope you are enjoying your final weeks of Semester 2, and are excited to see you come along to the AGM and get involved with the Number 1 Club on campus!