2 years ago

21 April, 2016

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Organised by:
Amnesty International Group

How much do you know about children in detention? How much do you think you know? The UON AI Refugee Forum 2016 is here to help you work out the fact from the fiction and dispel the mythology surrounding asylum seekers and children in detention.

Our forum will include a panel of experienced guests, each with their own professional and personal insights into this diverse topic. They include previous guests such as Lulu Tantos, Jhubin Hashemi, Leicha Stewart and Murray Webber.

Lulu Tantos is the CEO of Northern Settlement Services, and a Migration Agent. Her involvement in Northern Settlement Services one of the key organisations in help migrants and refugees settle into their new homes, she comes with a wealth of experience and knwoledge. She has provided her wisdom and insight on numerous other Amnesty International panels, including the forum we hosted in 2015.

Jhubin Hashemi has a non-stereotypical story of migration: arriving in Sydney, in 1999 at the age of 7 from a politically charged Iran where he was promptly arrested and sent to Villawood Detention Centre where he spent the first 6 month of his Australian life.

Leicha is a third year PhD candidate in the School of Design, Communication and IT. Her research aims to highlight how television news reports surrounding the 2013 Federal Election discursively construct ‘common sense’ and ‘problematized’ understandings of people seeking asylum. The research has a specific focus on militarist and nationalist discourses and discourses of ‘the other’, and aims to better understand how these themes are used to legitimise exclusionary practices towards asylum seekers’.

Murray Webber is a Graduate of University of Newcastle medical school and a paediatrician specialising in child development, child protection & child public health (community paediatrics). He is a lecturer and the course co-ordinator for the BMed undergraduate paediatric course. Currently, he is employed by Kaleidoscope Hunter Children’s Health Network as a community paediatrician and is a member of the Child and Family Health Team’s child development service and John Hunter Children’s Hospital general paediatric and child protection on call service. Since 2004 he has provided outpatient refugee health clinics for refugee families settling in Hunter New England Area. He is also the Clinical Lead for HNELHD Refugee Health Program, a member of the NSW Ministry of Health’s Refugee Health Plan Steering Committee & Implementation Group and the Refugee Health Network of Australia (RHeaNA).

This is an UON ILEAD Plus sponsored event!