1 year ago

20 July, 2016

Training Skills Lab

Organised by:
Surgical Society

[The ticketing session will open at 5:30pm on the 16/7 - This Saturday]

This night is brought to you by MDA National. MDA National Basic Surgical Skills is aimed to:

· Be an introduction of junior medical students to basic surgical procedures and the surgical domain
· Broadly improving the basic skills of medical students of all levels
· Incorporate professional medical staff into a high quality learning experience

1) Basic Suturing and Instrumentation + Knot tying technique
2) Plastering (Orthopedics)

Runtime schedule:
1730 ‐ Introductory Talk and opening address by the Surgical Society and sponsor talk
1745 – Rotation 1
1830 ‐ Rotation 1 wrap up, transition between stations
1835 – Rotation 2
1920 ‐ Rotation 2 wrap up
1925 –Closing statements
1930 ‐ Light Refreshments and Dinner

Mandatory Pre-reading:
http://bit.ly/29B1HBh - Instrumentation Guide

Brought to you by the University of Newcastle Surgical Society