2 years ago

3 September, 2015

Godfrey Tanner Bar

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

What is art?
What is art for?
When does something count as art? When does it not?
Is art valuable? If so, why?
Are some kinds of art more valuable than others?
Can you own art? Can only the artist own their art?
Should art be subsidised by the state?


BYO examples of art (we can surf the net with the projector)

We'll also be pulling out canvas, paint and brushes to make some art on the night!

Includes dinner and soft drink.*

WHEN: 5-8pm, Thursday 3rd September.

WHERE: Derkenne Courtyard (or Godfrey Tanner Bar if raining)

No assumed knowledge.
All welcome.

*Free to members. Join on the night for $2.

Hope to see you there!