2 years ago

19 November, 2015

Maitland Gaol

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

Is Democracy Still Relevant For Our 21st Century World?
A Q&A style panel discussion

Our sister club, The Hunter Valley Socratic Society, with the cooperation of noted author and columnist Mr Ross Gittins AM, provide a forum to excite your democratic roots and question where our democracy is going.

Our panel has expertise in the economy, politics, law and philosophy.
- Mr Ross Gittins on economics
- Dr Alison Convery on politics
- Mr Frank Oakes on the law
- Mr Tim Cox on philosophy

The panel will critically examine the bases of our global and domestic democracies and examine what works and what doesn’t for the continued good and freedoms inherent in our current and past democratic environment.

Come and find out if we are getting it right.

Admission is FREE but you need to BOOK BY PHONE: Please call 4933 6952 or book online: http://www.maitland.nsw.gov.au/Library/events/lookwhostalking/democracy to RSVP with Maitland Library.

WHEN: 6pm - 8pm, Thursday 19th November (World Philosophy Day)

The Chapel, Maitland Gaol
6-18 John St, East Maitland

The cool kids have informed me that they will be catching the train.
They are, by definition, cool if the rest of us tag along.
You'll need to buy your own ticket.

Departs: Warabrook (Uni) Station at 4:52 pm
Arrives: East Maitland Station at 5: 14 pm

It's a short walk to the gaol from there.

We'll be released from the gaol at 8pm, but walking down to The Hunter River Hotel, next to East Maitland train station, to continue the conversation in a more casual setting.
You'll need to buy your own drinks / food.