2 years ago

27 November, 2015

Bar on the Hill

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

FREE BBQ to members. Celebrate the end of exams and kick off the summer break with us at the Bar On The Hill this Friday!

WHEN: 3pm - 7pm, Friday 27th November
WHERE: BBQ area at the Bar On The Hill

Aside from chilling out with good company, this is also our last event as part of this year's series on "The Good Life". The topic is "Flow"; a term used in positive psychology to mean being in "the zone", being fully immersed in a task or lost in an activity.


We'll be getting our heads out of the books and reconnecting with our bodies with some fun activities like ping pong, badminton and juggling.

Please bring along something you get lost in - it could be a hula hoop; poi; a musical instrument; making some art, some music to dance to (nutbush anyone...?)