2 years ago

11 January, 2016

Croatian Wickham Sports Club

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

In life it is very important to get your priorities right. Indeed, there is much that we can learn from the example of that great Englishman, Sir Francis Drake, who, when warned of the arrival of the Spanish Armada, chose quite sensibly to finish his game of bowls before engaging with the enemy.

You too should postpone your plans for Monday 11 January and instead join us for social bowls at the Croatian Sports Club in Wickham. The fun will begin at around 3-3:30pm. There is no cost to use the facilities but you might perhaps bring some nibblies along to satiate our hunger whilst we bowl and philosophise. In the evening we may seek shelter and sustenance in a nearby public house or somewhere on Beaumont St.

Lastly, the bigwigs on the executive are currently planning the Society's event calendar for the coming year. We welcome any ideas you may have for future activities and discussion topics, as well as any feedback you wish to offer concerning past events.