2 years ago

26 April, 2016

Godfrey Tanner Bar

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

WHAT: A round table discussion about environmental ethics
WHEN: 5:00pm-9:00pm, Tuesday, 26 April, 2016
WHERE: Derkenne Courtyard/Godfrey Tanner Bar, Callaghan, University of Newcastle (in the middle of the Shortland Union Building). See this campus map: https://www.newcastle.edu.au/about-uon/our-environments/our-campuses-and-locations/newcastle/map

No man is an island. For better or worse, our actions have consequences that affect the environment and all those who depend on it for their livelihood and wellbeing. The natural world may once have seemed a vast wilderness which we were destined to tame, but in an age of climate change and increasing ecological degradation, the health of the planet is something we can ill afford to ignore. Though people differ on how best to tackle these problems, few serious thinkers would now deny that we are at least obliged to take the environment into account in our individual and collective decision-making.

Dr Colin Wilks has accepted our invitation to give an introduction on the subject. His presentation will be followed by a round table discussion where everyone will have a chance to join in. The night’s activities will begin in the Derkenne Courtyard before transitioning into the Godfrey Tanner Bar for dinner and further conversation.

There will be free food for members (you can join for $2), including vegan and gluten free options. The projector will also be available later in the evening if anyone has a short, topical video they wish to bring to our attention. In short, we’re in for a great night! Come join us, by all means.