2 years ago

2 June, 2016

Bar on the Hill

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

WHAT: Chatting, eating pizza and watching a film with some philosophical overtones (hopefully).
WHEN: 5-10pm, Thursday 2 June
WHERE: The Clubhouse, Bar on the Hill (our usual haunt downstairs), Callaghan Campus, University of Newcastle

So you've handed in your last assignment but can't yet bear the thought of starting your exam preparation? What you need, my friend, is a well-earned break before the silly season begins. What better way to do this than to watch movies and eat pizza with a motley crew of philosophy enthusiasts? Come on, you know you want to.

We won't be deciding on a film until the night, so please bring your own if you've got something in mind. Doesn't necessarily have to be about philosophy, as such, so long as it's thought provoking. Doesn't have to be feature length either - we might watch a couple of shorter films if that's what people would prefer. There will be plenty of time for conversation before and after the movie as well.

The Society will be providing pizza free to members (you can join for $2), which you can supplement with your own munchies if you like. The bar should also be open early in the night if anyone wants to buy a drink.

Hope to see you there!