2 years ago

27 November, 2015


Organised by:
Chemical Engineering Society

Time to wipe your memory of everything that made you cry in semester 2, for anyone who said "CHEE1000 is hard", "PDE's is hard", "Seps is hard", or the all too common "WAAAHHH Design is hard" then this is your night!
For some its a final night to see off your fellow chemical engineer wannabees, for others its about time you came and introduced yourself! Bring your friends, bring your wifes and husbands if they're nice and end the semester with a bang!

The crawl path will likely be:

PUB 1-The Cooks Hill Hotel aka The Commonwealth (35 Union St)
PUB 2-The Oriental Hotel (53 Bull St)
PUB 3-Cricketers Arms Hotel (opposite The oriental, 61 Bruce St)
PUB 4-Soho on Darby (location as the name suggests. Derp)
PUB 5-The Delany (as if you'll be able to read street signs at this point)
CLUB 9-KINGAS (originally called King St Hotel)

Of course the list above is really only a guide, but expect people at Cooks Hill hotel 7-8, The oriental/cricketers from 8-930, Soho 930-1030 if you're coming late

Spread the word! See you there! (unless its later in the night when alcohol has induced blindness)