2 years ago

16 April, 2016

Outside Wollatuka and on Oval 4 at UoN

Organised by:
University of Newcastle Medical Society

On a fine Saturday morning not to hot or cold
There was a fine little hashbrown named Har-old
Lying on the grass, he was tired and forlorn
Along came some friends with some popcorn
There was yoghurt, fruit and pancakes,
Booming music to cause earthquakes,
Photo booth fun and pilates for everyone,
Frolicking and games that could be resisted by no one!
Harold was no longer forlorn
A new hashbrown was reborn
With a smile on his face and friends to hold
Harold the happy hash brown went home feeling gold :D

Join Harold and his friends for UNMS's BIG wellbeing breakfast.
You can be a happy hashbrown too!

P.s. link to register: http://www.unms.org.au/events-page/