1 year ago

30 July, 2016

The Cambridge Hotel

Organised by:
University of Newcastle Medical Society

Welcome to Rio de JMP. Our third years have somehow made it to the end of a horrible semester and what better way to celebrate with them than in Lycra.

Let’s face it: med students aren’t always known for their abilities on the sports field. While we have been known to argue with referees, be kicked out of sporting venues and punch well above our weight in relationships, stuvac often leaves us with a bit of a ‘med belly’. If you’ve ever wished you’d pursued your dreams of luge, it is time to whip out a unitard, flaunt the winter dad bod and party so hard that you end up swimming the Hunter River.

We have high expectations of costumes at Rio de JMP; we hope to see everyone decked out in their best Olympic wear. Whether you come as a shuttlecock, the olympic torch or in your budgy smugglers, drink tickets will be going out to the most committed and most creative participants!

(If you have been bulking this winter, you can always wear active wear and say you’re in training.)

Keep an eye out for ticket links and costume ideas!

Theme: Olympics
Cambridge Hotel
30th July