2 years ago

25 May, 2016

Room W105, The University of Newcastle

Organised by:
Law Students Association

The UNLSA will be holding a Special General Meeting on 25 May 2016 from 1-3pm in W105. The primary purpose of this meeting will be to consider a number of constitutional changes, namely:

- Changes to the constitutional treatment of affiliation
- Changes to the constitutional provisions relating to sponsorship
- Updates to the treatment of UNLSA finances
- The addition of an Explanatory Memorandum to the constitution
- Clarification of constitutional handover provisions
- Changes to the election of members to the UNLSA Committee
- Changes to the register of members

The Executive and the Committee believe that the proposed amendments will help with the day-to-day operation of the Association, as well as future-proofing the constitution against potential changes in the law school in the coming few years.

We encourage all members to come to the meeting, however we leave it up to your discretion whether you decide to attend.

We will be providing light refreshments.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the SGM, please do not hesitate to contact our Vice President (Administration), Chris Laidler, at admin@unlsa.com