2 years ago

27 May, 2016

15 Canara Pl, North Lambton NSW 2299, Australia

Organised by:
Newcastle Christian Students

The NCS Annual General Meeting provides us with the perfect opportunity to slow down, reflect on God's goodness to us over the year gone by, and refocus ourselves so we're ready for the challenges that the next year and many more to come will bring. We'll do this by
> Praying,
> Opening God's Word,
> Hearing from the student committee about both the opportunities and threats a changing University context is bringing,
> Electing the new student committee that will guide us through the year to come,
> Singing together,
> Viciously 'firsting' and 'seconding' to get our names in the official minutes!

Join us at the AGM from 3:30PM - 5PM.

THEN, from 5PM onwards, take a night off the books, pack your beanie and scarf, and destress over a night of pizza, fire, and stars!

If you can't come for the AGM, come for the pizza and fire.
If you can't come for the pizz and fire, come for the AGM.

$5 for dinner
$2 for NCS membership so you can vote in the AGM