2 years ago

5 November, 2015

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Organised by:
Law Students Association


Elections for the 2016 Faculty of Business and Law Board Undergraduate Representative are now open! The UNLSA’s 2015/2016 Vice President of Education, Samantha Baldwin, has nominated for the position and we endorse her as your choice for Faculty Board Rep. It is very important that our Vice President of Education holds this position to ensure that the voice of the UNLSA and all law students are heard by the Faculty from a student who has greater access to resources and communication channels existing between the UNLSA and the Law School.

Samantha has been actively involved in law student life, which gives her a greater understanding of the needs of students in the Business and Law Faculty. Samantha has been involved in competitions, including Client Interviewing and Negotiation, where she has represented Newcastle at a national level at the Australian Law Students Association and was the winner of the Intervarsity UNSW Client Interviewing Competition. Furthermore, Samantha has been a pre-law mentor, UNLSA Junior Representative and volunteers in the wider community for an Indigenous youth leadership group, the ‘Red Belly Blacks’ and helps run a seniors kiosk at the ‘Place of Friend’s’ (Department of Education & Communities School’s As Community Centre) located within the Woodberry Public School.

As the recently elected Vice President (Education) of the University of Newcastle Law Students’ Association, serving as the undergraduate student representative to the Business and Law Faculty Board would allow me to facilitate direct communication of student issues and concerns related to teaching, assessment and research. My objective is to be vocal in advocating for the interests of students, contributing a point of view that stems from active engagement with my peers. Further, my ability to engage with the Law School, demonstrated by strong relationships with lecturers, will transfer across to a position on the Faculty Board.

VOTE NOW – Voting now open and closes 5:00pm Thursday 5 November 2015