2 years ago

9 March, 2016

Level 1 of University House, 300 King St, Newcastle

Organised by:
Law Students Association

Mooting. verb. A moot is a simulated court proceeding where student teams are assigned a client who has found themselves in a contemporaneous legal conundrum. As their advocates it will up to you to convince the appeal judge that the law favours your case. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university to appearing in court. The world of Mooting allows you to banter with judges and verbally negotiate your way around legal issues in a court room setting

The Senior Mooting Competition is open to current UNLSA members undertaking their 3rd year of law and above as well as 2nd and 3rd year Grads. (If you are keen but not yet in your third year, never fear there will be a junior comp running in semester 2!)

Preliminary Rounds commence 22nd & 23rd of March (Week 5) and run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at University House, King St Newcastle. So grab a team of THREE people (friends, strangers, future romantic interests…it doesn’t matter!) and REGISTER at https://docs.google.com/a/unlsa.com/forms/d/1r54o_1YFWResLtiKEs2jU9AyDmoyKY2dT29dKVUoU2A/viewform TODAY! Registration closes at 11:59pm March 9.

For further information, visit http://unlsa.com/competitions/ or contact the Directors of Competitions (Advocacy) at advocacy@unlsa.com!