2 years ago

9 March, 2016

Level 1 of University House, 300 King St, Newcastle

Organised by:
Law Students Association

Have you ever dreamed of standing up in court screaming “I Object!” or convincing a witness that he really “Can’t handle the truth!”? Then here is your chance! Wit-Ex is a courtroom style examination of a witness where competitors act as legal counsel advocating the needs of their client/witness. It is held in a mock-court setting in front of a judge or a number of judges and is centred around the rules of evidence and legal practice. (Don’t let that scare you though! No prior knowledge of evidence law is required; you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!)

The UNLSA are running a Witness Examination Competition for current members undertaking 3rd year Law and above and ALL Grad students. REGISTER at https://docs.google.com/a/unlsa.com/forms/d/1H3J2V37NqSZdkJ3AZz3i0KYTRcn0MbIcWOos8HJCAB4/viewform TODAY! Registration closes at 11:59pm March 9!

Preliminary Rounds commence Monday 14th March (Week 4) and run on Monday and Tuesday evenings at University House, King St Newcastle. For further information, visit http://unlsa.com/competitions/ or contact the Directors of Competitions (Advocacy) at advocacy@unlsa.com!