1 year ago

2 March, 2017

Bar on the Hill

Organised by:
Philosophy Society

UoN Philosophy Society is back for another year! We’ll be kicking things off with our regular fortnightly discussion, Philosophy @ the Pub, in Week 1.

WHEN: Thursday 2 March, 5-7pm (every odd week of semester, i.e. Weeks 1, 3, 5…)
WHERE: The Clubhouse, underneath Bar on the Hill, Callaghan, University of Newcastle

If you recently joined the society or are thinking of joining, this is a good first event to come to. It’s super casual and there’s no prep required. Our discussions typically feature a set topic but there’s no assumed knowledge and you don’t have to have studied philosophy to participate. Moreover, if you miss an event, the topics are not so sequential that you’ll be unable to understand what’s being covered in later weeks.

Epistemology, or the theory of knowledge, is our over-arching theme for Semester 1. It is one of the five main fields of pure philosophy and is concerned with such questions as: what is it to know something? What can we have knowledge of? Can we be sure of our beliefs and, in doing so, should we rely on the information provided by our senses? In Week 1 we’ll open with a primer on the Socratic Method, followed by a discussion centring on Rene Descartes’ contribution to epistemology.

Our regular meetings are not catered but the venue permits members to bring food along themselves if they’re peckish. Refreshments can also be purchased from the bar.

Join on the night for $2
Rock up now or at any time during semester
Invite your friends

See you there!