1 year ago

8 March, 2017

Sydney Junction Hotel

Organised by:
Snow Sports Club

That's right! Your favourite Newcastle Uni clubs and societies have joined forces to bring you an unprecedented Welcome Party. The Snow Sports Club, Goonion, Exchange Student Society, Diving and Exploration Club, and Fraternity are chipping in to ease the pain of the Week 2 existential crisis you will no doubt be facing.

If you can make it out of your studies, then get to Derkenne Courtyard for a couple of preparatory beverages beforehand. Then at 8:30pm, slink onto the bus we have organised for you, or if you miss that then grab the train from Warabrook station to Hamilton where the night will officially begin at Sydney Junction Hotel.

DJs from 9pm at SJ's. Cheap drinks. Kicking on until 3am. Free entry for everyone as always at SJs! Bring yo kids, bring yo wife (probably don't actually bring yo kids). See you there!